Visualize Happiness :) Inspired by a Snowpocalypse in Atlanta.

Here’s an emotion that was literally SUCKED out of existence from all commuting Atlantans yesterday: HAPPINESS

Every source and network linked to media highlighted all the fear, rage, sadness, and disorder that has enveloped Atlanta through this crisis. I sit here being thankful for my short experience 2.5 hours on Peachtree to travel 6 miles of discomfort as I hear stories pile in of much more emotional and physical trauma and anxiety. My whole city needs a hug.

We have all been faced with some heavy challenges. Tomorrow we all have to return to our normal lives and function again at our best. How do we begin to get back to the place we all were before all this befell our city? The first thing that made sense to me was a visualization exercise that my yoga teacher and friend Rosalyn led us through at Active Sol during a Wednesday night community class.

An interesting perspective by Matthieu Ricard on using meditation to nurture the causes of HAPPINESS.

Sit in a comfortable position. Your body remains in an erect but not tense posture with eyes gently open. For five minutes, breathe calmly, noticing the in-an-out flow of your breath. Experience the gradual calming of chaotic thoughts. When thoughts arise, neither attempt to block them nor let them multiply. Simply continue to watch your breath.

Next, instead of paying attention to outer sights, sounds, and events, turn your “gaze” inward and “look” at the mind itself. “Looking” here means observing your awareness itself, not the content of your thoughts. Let the mind gently come to rest, as a tired traveler finds a pleasant meadow in which to sit for a while.

Then, with a deep feeling of appreciation, think of the value of human existence and of its extraordinary potential for flourishing. Be aware, too, that this precious life will not last forever and that is essential to make the best possible use of it. Sincerely examine what counts most in life for you. What do you need to accomplish or discard in order to achieve authentic well-being and live in a meaningful existence? When the factors that contribute to true happiness have become clear to you, imagine them begin to bloom in your mind. Resolve to nurture them day after day.

End your meditation be letting thoughts of pure kindness embrace all living beings.

Feel better 🙂