Web Series Review: The Shrink in B6

LOve this review of B6! So very Greatful for honest words!

TeaTime with the Mad Artist

1979513_593456124072768_393297649_n A little over a week ago, I was contacted by Ebony Blanding of the House of June because she was digging my blog and wanted to know if I would be willing to review the House of June’s latest project. After reading their reasoning why they started this, I couldn’t help but say yes. With that being said, my opinions of this series are my own and are not influenced by outside sources.


House of June is “an independent art film house that produces creative content for web, film and television. Founded by Amber Bournett (“the lens”) and Ebony Blanding (“the pen”), HOJ’s mission is to create cinematography with original narratives for those seeking diverse cultural experiences (Source).”


“The Shrink in B6” is an art house dramedy that centers around the life of ex-Psychology grad student Nadia West and her roommate, Farrah. Farrah has given Nadia an ultimatum…

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