Regaining Immortality

I experience moments of  inspiration everyday.  For me, true inspiration produces a feeling of immortality. I’ve got the gift of being able to see clear visions for myself and others.  My imagination runs wild just as it did when I was younger. Sometimes it’s as little as a quote someone stole off of google and  put it on their  IG. Other times it’s a great performance on stage or a really beautiful natural scene. Most of the time, it’s from the books that I read. Any who, here’s the one quote that’s got my panties in a bunch…

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? ( You’ve heard it.. But have you HEARD it?)

The goal is simply this. To be an artist and help others discover their full potential as a life coach. I’d do both for free any day. In fact, I do both a lot many days and sometimes even pay for the opportunity to practice. When someone is reaches incredible success, we spend a great deal of time trying to understand how they accomplished unimaginable goals and/or persevered. The story is something that is usually really dramatic. That’s pretty much the overarching theme in all stories about great leaders and prominent figures in time. This is nothing new. There are countless examples through history and literature to draw from. Yet, there’s nothing like witnessing positive change happen before your eyes. Do you not enjoy giving other’s praise for their successes? Do you not experience true joy or drown in envy when it happens to someone you once knew to be destined for a much different path? Run it back. It never gets old.

This blog is your personal invitation into my experience. This is therapeutic for me because I now get to share what I’ve been so elusive about for months. I’ve pulled some pretty cool tricks and overcome amazing challenges many times before. I’ve been very fortunate to discover the effects focus and discipline. It is time to share my secrets. I’m also realizing that it’s time to be having these conversations openly in my generation. I’m not sure how we got to a point where we’re so open and giving about the good things that happen  in our lives and reluctant to share our failures.

1. As if they don’t exist. 2. As if they don’t build character.  Thank you social media.

Our sense of community is drifting instead of forming stronger bonds among our family and peers. We’re all doing things by ourselves. We’re all in competition. The Joneses are no longer just that one family on the block, but in your house and on your hand-held device and in your face! The first thing you see in the morning and the last you check at night before bed. You no longer have to see anybody in their brand new Benz. It will be screenshot-ed and shared by your friends by the end of day of purchase.  Everybody is hiding, only to come out when they ARE the Joneses. The frontin’ and flexing has got to stop! What is also lacking is connection. True connection and support are the common thread and catalyst for civil engagement. I often wonder if our modern society is even capable of unifying the way we have in the past. We’re continually breaking apart from each other. This is me doing my part to unify and inspire those that I can.

This is also important for my coaching clients. How do you trust that I’ll be able to successfully help you wherever you are in your process? Watch me navigate through my personal demons and greatest fears. This is no cakewalk for me either. Watch me do my best; what I expect from you. Ask me all the questions you like. Work alongside me whenever you’re ready. There’s a method to this and I’m committed to showing you.

Here is the set up. I’ll be using the resources that I’ve found to be pretty successful in the past and explore new ones with you. I’ll be drawing references from ye old religious text, positive psychology, motivational books, the teachings of yoga, and random inspirational quotes I come across.

Let’s play.