Moksha: Clear your heart, clear your mind, and let it go.

This post came just in time hunnay. I’m just out here trying to get my Moksha on. Clearing a bit. Releasing some more. Being the most present.

{Sacred} Threads

The idea of Moksha, in its traditional interpretation, means liberation or release from samskara – the cycle of birth, life and death.  The ultimate liberation.   But Moksha is also often invoked in Eastern traditions to symbolize self-realization or enlightenment and is considered to be one of the four goals of all human life in Hinduism.

Moksha is often considered to be synonymous with the more prevalent term Nirvana.  But what does Moksha mean for us? What does this liberation mean in our everyday lives, on and off the mat?

To me, it’s simple. It is liberation from your ego; it is liberation from certain ideas of how things should be. I t is liberation from patterns or behaviors that prevent us for being who we truly are.  It is allowing yourself to be in the here and now.

Have you ever felt during a yoga practice how time seems…

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